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Emerging from the same mid-60s Houston, Texas scene as label mates Thursday’s Children and The Red Crayola, Lost And Found were formed in 1965 and originally called themselves The Misfits, changing their name just prior to undertaking a six-month residency at Houston's Living Eye Club – one of the centres of the area’s thriving psychedelic scene.

Like anyone who frequented the club, smoked the odd joint and worshipped at the altar of The 13th Floor Elevators, they became friends with Roky Erickson. He in turn introduced them to Lelan Rogers of International Artists, who promptly signed them up.

Earlier time spent by the group on the West Coast had not been entirely wasted, as the emphasis on melody and memorable hooks so common to the City of Angels clearly seeped into the boys’ song writing, with elements of The Byrds and Love being most evident.

Lost And Found recorded their one and only album, ‘Everybody's Here’, in the summer of 1967, working with producer Lelan Rogers and engineer Frank Davis.
Made up of mostly original material written by group members Harrell and Frost, except for a cover of the Elevators’ ‘Don’t Fall Down’ it was certainly a strong debut, melding the influences picked up on their LA jaunt with more esoteric elements picked up from the Elevators, and their mystical quest for pure sanity.
This deluxe, limited edition digi-book re-issue of this highly-regarded psych classic includes three bonus non-album tracks. The rigid digibook’s bound-in 16-page illustrated booklet features an authorative, contemporary overview of the band and its music as well as reproductions of the album’s two original notes.

Forever Lasting Plastic Words
Everybody’s Here
There Would Be No Doubt
Don’t Fall Down
Zig Zag Blues
Let Me Be
I Realize
2 Stroke Blues
I’m So Hip To Pain
Living Eye

Bonus tracks:
When Will You Come Through
Professor Black
25 MPH

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