POWER PLANT The Bubble Puppy - A Gathering Of Promises

Taking their name from the esoteric teachings and philosophy of the Hermetic Tradition, Golden Dawn hailed from Austin, Texas, forming in 1967. The group's primary musical influence, The 13th Floor Elevators, were instrumental in getting them their recording contract with International Artists. Indeed, George Kinney and Roky Erickson had grown up together in South Austin, attending the same school and playing together in The Fugitives, a garage band from the mid-60's.

"Power Plant" features fine, acid-spiked folk rock guitars and intelligent psychedelic-inspired lyrics. The emotional range is remarkable for a debut album - from the searing acid punk of Evolution, through the classic pop-inflected psych of My Time into the brooding introspection of Reaching Out To You. Indeed, this highly-regarded Texan-Psych classic is essential listening for any fan of The 13th Elevators. Sadly, International Artists failed to promote the album effectively on its release and the band eventually fell apart when Kinney decided he was having nothing more to do with the group and took off for California. The group's Bill Hallmark went on to sing and play guitar for The Rubayyat, in company with 13th Floor Elevators member Danny Galindo.

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This Way, Please
I'll Be Around
Seeing Is Believing
My Time
A Nice Surprise
Every Day
Tell Me Why
Reaching Out To You

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